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Thursday, July 09, 2009


new updates coming soon...

Friday, August 18, 2006

so i lied

july came and went and now it's the middle of august.. four days before akyra has her first birthday... and i haven't posted anything new. i realize that school starts in a few weeks. holy crap! kids need new school clothes... my second anniversary is in 10 days. wow. but the big news is that we got a little real estate happy and decided to also put our other house up for sale. we found a great house that we love and put a bid in on it back in july. so now we are trying to sell two houses and get into another one. it's been a crazy summer. the poor kids have been so patient with us... taking numerous trips to lowe's every weekend, keeping the house so clean it's borderline obsessive. both elijah and hannah made a list of the things they want to do this summer and of course nothing said "renovate" or "sell a house or two". they wrote things like... go on a bike ride, go swimming... stay in a hotel... go to the state fair. me and matt were surprised at how important the little things are to them. so we have tried to do all the little things inbetween all this house craziness. WE ARE taking them to the state fair... and we are not going to worry about anything else other than if they are having fun.

Monday, June 19, 2006

update needed

sorry it's been so long. i have so many pictures and updates it's almost overwhelming to keep track of it. all in all.. things are going really well right now. here's the quicky rundown... started a new job this month and i am loving it! no carpal tunnel whatsoever... apparently i was too stressed to heal. now that i changed some scenery, i am almost fully recovered. my doc says that i should be back to normal in a few months time. it's amazing really. next.. we decided to go ahead and sell our rental house. right now we are in the process of getting it ready. after many planning trips to lowe's, we purchased some goods this weekend to fix up the house. for little money we can really earn a lot more on it, so our plan is to have it up for sale by august. hopefully it won't take long to sell... after that, i'm hoping to take a little vacation.. somewhere tropical sounds great to me. but until then, we are fully booked for the summer with bbq's and birthday parties. i'm just hoping somewhere in there is a date for the man and me.

more pictures to come...

Thursday, May 18, 2006


i should really post more than once a month. got some updates... GOT A NEW JOB!! woo hoo.. should be exciting and different enough to keep life interesting. a friend of mine got me the contact and i really didn't think it was going to happen. but it is and i start at Adams and Company on june 5th. watch out! so no more Creative Company for me. i will be sad to leave, although sometimes you just know when to end a good thing before it gets not good anymore. i think more than anything, i have made some really great friends there that will last me forever. i was able to raise a child on my own... purchase my first house.. then my second house along with my new husband and stepson and baby on the way (i did not purchase them!)... with the support of my job and the ones who rooted me on everyday. after six years... the decision was hard for me. it's amazing that you can feel so loyal to the place that you work, no matter what bs happens. when you spend 8+ hours a day at one place for that long.. well you start to wonder how you will deal not being part of that same scene. i have come to count on my job as the one thing that woudn't ever change. and hell.. maybe i'm getting older and not wanting to take as many risks, but something about tried and true soothed me. so now i'm leaving to mix up life a little and hopefully find new adventures in the world of work. i just hope the kids like me there.

another post bambi report... met with the specialist this week and she said that i have a severe case of whiplash. nothing that will require surgery (thank god!), but will take a long time to recover from (yeah! you mean 4 months is just the beginning?!). i have to keep going to physical therapy, but they want me to take a pilates approach. um okay.. sure. the kicker is..................................... they also think i have carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. score! no... not really good news for the designer who sits at a monitor all day and needs massive dexterity for typing/mousing/key commands all at once. to find out for sure, they are going to do some nerve testing. i know it sounds like fun to me too.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

fun with bath time

matt is obsessed with akyra having a mohawk. i'm not sure why? maybe he secretly wants one, but doesn't have the nerve to do it himself. anyways, i dedicate this to him. the girl loves her daddy... no doubt about that.

the other night was warm and we let akyra roll around with her naked little self. her skin is clear and "itchy" free now and we can finally let her skin see the light of day. it's so much nicer not having to watch her every move to make sure that her hand-turned-weapons are not scratching her skin off. thank you eucerin! she enjoyed the feeling sans diaper and was nothing but smiles. so i had to take all the usual naked butt pictures.. but i will spare you all. these are my favorites.

Friday, April 21, 2006

the tides and my hannah. two of my favorite things.. i love how kids are so exicted to get their feet wet no matter how cold the water is. they are not thinking of anything other than the thrill of the moment.


okay, i give in. here are some pics from easter... it was a great one!

ha ha ha

yes, i like to myspace it up these days.. i can't lie. who knew i would get so addicted? pathetic really.. but it's nice to keep in touch with people that you haven't seen or talked to in years. plus you can get real informed about what's going on their life real fast. i'm slackin so bad on this blog. and now i almost find humor in the fact that people are getting antsy to see some new pics. HA! pics? soon? we'll see...

Monday, March 27, 2006

for the love of peils

what can i say? i am a total slacker. i've taken lots of pictures, but i haven't downloaded them off my camera yet. i've gathered up everything to file my taxes, yet i haven't really gone through every little receipt no matter how many times matt has gotten on my case about it. lately i'm feeling as if nothing i do is really making much of a dent. i have money coming to me in a few different places, but i am not actively collecting it. what's my problem? don't really know. maybe it the winter blues or maybe its from the stupid damn deer that changed how i feel about everything. yeah.. pitty party starts now. so while everything is in a state of being half assed lately.. i know that spring is here and the sun is coming out to play. i'm hoping that i will have the energy to just finish one project to cross off my neverending list. yesterday i bought some new gardening gloves so that i just might get my butt out there and plant some flowers this year. that makes me happy. i love flowers. matt brought me home flowers last week and it really made my day. sorry that started to get really random.

things are looking up.. i am really looking forward to tom and rae's new arrival coming soon.. new life is so encouraging. and the chance to celebrate it with friends that we love is so freaking great.

so excuse my whiney ass for now and i will get back into the swing of things soon. and no.. akyra isn't crawling yet. i think she's going to go straight to walking! more to come..